Introducing the QualityCare™ website, a freely available resource that provides direct answers to important questions about cancer associated thrombosis (CAT).

Recently launched by LEO Pharma, QualityCare™ takes a person-centred care approach which looks to provide patients and their carers with a variety of resources that discuss the link between blood clots and cancer, the risk and diagnosis of blood clots and post-treatment management.


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Date of preparation: February 2017

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Please click here to view Annie Young's
(Professor of Nursing at University of Warwick & UHCW) thoughts on the website


Annie Young, Professor of Nursing at the University of Warwick and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire had the following comments about QualityCare™:

QualityCare™ is a clear and well illustrated website, developed by LEO Pharma, elucidating the many aspects of cancer-associated thrombosis.

Communication about cancer and thrombosis is the golden key: QualityCare™ does this wonderfully well. It cuts straight to the chase – striving to increase awareness of the link between cancer and clots, to highlight the warning signs of both DVT and PE and to discuss the prevention of a clot. The website conveys person-centred care, and the highlight for me is the video, ‘Blood Clots, Cancer and You’, which is well executed and very accessible.

QualityCare™ has the potential to make a huge difference to patients’ understanding of the various clinical aspects of thrombosis and to their care.

​Introducing Blood Clots, Cancer + You, a programme of educational materials
aimed at raising the awareness of cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT) among
cancer patients.
Developed by LEO Pharma in partnership with Anticoagulation Europe, Blood Clots, Cancer + You, which was recently recognised and placed on the NHS Academy of Fabulous Stuff website, is aimed at raising awareness of cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT) in cancer patients.
The Blood Clots, Cancer + You animation provides simple information, hints and tips on how to avoid CAT and what happens if you do develop CAT. In addition, an alert card has been produced, which gives patients key information about blood clots and includes space for them to record contact information for their healthcare team. The card is designed to be kept in the patient’s wallet, purse or pocket for ease of reference
For more information and to access the materials, visit the AntiCoagulation Europe site. Additionally, to order the patient alert cards and receive the animation video file, please email
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Date of prep: July 2016

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Please click here to view Eve Knight's
(Chief Executive of Anticoagulation Europe)
thoughts on the programme


Eve Knight, Chief Executive at AntiCoagulation Europe says:

For cancer patients and their families it can be devastating to have to deal with another serious, and potentially fatal, condition at the same time as their cancer diagnosis. Many have said to us how angry they were not to have been warned about CAT and what to be aware of. We need to make sure that cancer patients have all the information and support that they need to help prevent cancer associated blood clots.

That is why AntiCoagulation Europe in partnership with LEO Pharma launched the Blood Clots, Cancer + You campaign. It is vital that patients and healthcare professionals are aware of the risk of CAT and are able to talk about what can be done to help prevent blood clots.

Introducing, an exclusive educational resource for UK and Ireland-based healthcare professionals working in the field of cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT).

Recently launched by LEO Pharma, provides health professionals with a variety of interactive and downloadable resources, including CAT-related articles, e-learning, videos and webinars, and an events calendar.

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Date of preparation: July 2015

This communication was supported by LEO Pharma. LEO Pharma had no editorial control of this publication.

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